Seasonal menus

The restaurant is closed for monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday lunch – tuesday for diner.

Menu of the Decade 79€

Small summer mouth snack


Melting smocked salmon of the house with an onion compote, crushed brocoli and peanuts (17€)


Crème brulée of foie gras of duck with cep sauce (19€)


Wok of lobester and scallops in a lemon grass juice (25€)


Golden sautéed veal steak, pan-fried  potatoes with summer  truffle (31€)


Hazelnut sweet from coulommiers


Black chocolate dessert with fresh mint and grained Jelly (11€)


Fixed Menu

  • – Prévôt fixed menu (1st starter – Main dish – Dessert) : € 41
  • – Lavoir fixed menu (2nd starter – Main dish – Dessert) : € 46

1st starter

  • – Fresh smoked salmon of the house in a cheesecake with flavours of combawa 16€
  • – Ripe tomatoes in three tartars and a jumble of sweet peppers marinated in fresh garlic

2nd starter

  • – Foie gras of duck of the house, crumble of rhubarb and gingerbread, balsamic caramel (22€)
  • – Courgette flower and summer truffle on a risotto of small wheatgrains with emulsion of cep (23€)

Main dish

  • – Filet of duck roasted with fried Grenaille potatoes and flat peaches soacked in a cream of peach (25€)
  • – Scallops snacked with grains of couscous, white grapes and crystallised shallots in a purée of chick peas, juice of fish (27€)
  • – Red Mullet grondin in a pancake stuffed with crab, trilogy of seasonal buttered vegetables, crab sauce (24€)


  • – Iced Nougat with stewed red fruits and fresh fig 10€
  • – Apricot in a vacherin, sorbet and whipped cream (10€)
  • – Raspberry, almond biscuit, white deep chocolate (9€)
  • – Slate cheese platter (10€)

Surf and Turf fixed menu

  •  3 dishes, cheese and dessert : € 60

Blackboard menus

Monday through Saturday, have a quick, light lunch with our Blackboard Menu (includes Starter, Main dish) : € 23

Special Offer & Gift Box


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A Portrait of the Chef Jean-Marie Alloin

Jean-Marie Alloin was born 40 years ago in Belley in the Ain area, the same town as the famous epicurean Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. He had a classical education and earned his degree from the Ecole Hôtelière of Thonon les Bains. He made his debut in the kitchen of Pierre Carrier at the L’Albert 1er in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, and then continued his professional experiences in England and in Cassis and the neighboring Calanques. In 2003, he fell in love with La Prévôté in the antiquary capital of Provence, L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

How did you get a taste for cooking?
My grandmother was a cook, and my uncle René Alloin, the creator of “Oursinade”, passed down their love of cooking to me.

How would you define your style?
A traditional cuisine bringing together products from Provence and the Mediterranean.

What is your fetish ingredient?
Duck foie gras.

Which dishes have made the restaurant famous?
Lobster ravioli and lobster broth
Duck foie gras in all its forms (crème brûlée, cottage pie, ravioli, lightly cooked, and fried).

What is your favorite indulgence?
Cheese and all types of cheese dishes, enjoyed with a good glass of wine.

Name a culinary memory from your childhood.
Eggs in meurette sauce prepared by my Burgundian grandmother.

What do you enjoy about your career?
To “have people over to my place;” that is, meet my clients at the end of their meals.

Without a doubt, this establishment reflects the chef’s personality: it is honest and full of subtle nuances, bringing modernity together with respect for tradition (as it is a 17th century residence). In the same way, his cooking is full of colors and flavors, and yet is subtle, as in his reassuring “Pressed oxtail uplifted with mustard ice cream.”